Dental Implants: A Long term Solution

Implant Dentistry Lakeland , FLEvery year, millions of Americans deal with tooth loss due to injury, gum disease, or tooth decay. For decades, bridges and dentures were the only options to fix such problems. Today, dental implants provide a more comprehensive solution to tooth loss. A dental implant essentially replaces the tooth root. They create a stable foundation for removable or fixed teeth, which are made to look completely natural.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

The advantages of dental implants are far-reaching. Let’s discuss how dental implants are an excellent choice for missing teeth.

  1. Dental implants improve your appearance: they feel and look like your natural teeth because they are designed to fuse to the bone.
  2. Dental implants improve your speech: dentures can fit badly and cause you to mumble or slur your speech. With dental implants, you can rest assured that you will have zero speech issues because implants are permanent.
  3. Dental implants improve your comfort: they are permanent, so you don’t have to worry about the discomfort and annoyance of removable dentures.
  4. Dental implants make eating easier: Dentures can slide and shift, making eating difficult. Implants are formed to work like your normal teeth so you can chew with confidence and without pain.
  5. Dental implants can improve your self-esteem: With dental implants, you can smile with confidence knowing that your smile looks natural and whole.
  6. Dental implants can enhance your oral health: With dental implants, there is no need to diminish surrounding teeth as a bridge does. More of your teeth are left untouched, thus improving your dental health long term. With dental implants, you also have easier access to clean between teeth, lending to better oral hygiene.
  7. Dental implants are durable: Dental implants will last years. With proper dental care, they can last your entire lifetime.
  8. Dental implants are convenient: With dental implants, you are never inconvenienced by removable dentures or dealing with adhesives to hold them in place.

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