New Year, New Smile

Teeth Whitening Lakeland, FL Nothing makes you feel as good as a bright, beautiful smile. With our teeth whitening services at Agnini Dental, we can help you achieve your best and whitest smile for the New Year. Teeth whitening can do wonders for your smile and even subtract years from your appearance. Let’s discuss what teeth whitening can do for you and address some questions about the process.

The benefits of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is one of the simplest and least invasive ways to improve and brighten your smile. Studies show that a brighter whiter smile can make you appear (and feel) more confident, more attractive, and more likely to get a job offer. The same research also demonstrates that those with stained teeth or bad hygiene look much older than they are. Teeth whitening can last for several years, but you can extend your results with proper dental care. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, rinsing, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings.

The risks of teeth whitening

Many at home teeth whitening kits have a high amount of hydrogen peroxide. High amounts of peroxide in addition to long application times will contribute to tooth sensitivity. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, opt for a brand with a lower peroxide level (between 5%-6%) and institute a shorter application time.

How many dental visits do I need to achieve a whiter smile?

Most of-office treatments require only one visit. If you choose to use an at-home kit, you may need to apply the product regularly over a specified period.

How can I avoid getting discolored teeth in the first place?

Tooth discoloration can be due to aging, trauma to the teeth, metal fillings that are visible through the tooth, tobacco use, high fluoride use, drinking red wine, black tea or other beverages and foods that can cause stains. With the help of regular dental cleanings, your dentist can remove some of this discoloration.

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