What Your Oral Health Plan Should Include

Dental Health lakeland, FLMaintaining a white and bright smile requires making a plan. This plan should include daily dental hygiene measures, regular dentist office visits, and more. Here are the basics of how to create the best oral health plan for you.

Know your dental needs

Depending on your overall health and any temporary health conditions you may be dealing with, your dental needs will be different. For instance, cancer treatments, pregnancy, diabetes, or wearing a dental appliance can alter the health of your teeth and gums. Make sure you inform your dentist if you have experienced a significant change in your general health, as this may change the type of dental care you receive.

Create a regular oral hygiene routine

Spend time to develop an oral health regimen that you can stick to. Your daily dental regimen should include brushing in the morning and evening, flossing, and rinsing. If you have a particular health issue, you may require additional tasks to ensure you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Use fluoride

Fluoride use is valuable for both adults and children. Fluoride not only strengthens developing teeth but can also stop tooth decay. Some tap water includes fluoride, but the level of the substance in your area may not be high enough to provide adequate dental protection. To learn how much fluoride is in your local water, contact your water utility.

Eat right

A balanced diet combined with limited snacking can help stave off cavities and gum disease. Foods that produce a lot of acids (which contribute to cavity development) include pies, cakes, dried fruits, soda, and potato chips and should be eaten sparingly.

Stop smoking

Using tobacco products exponentially increases your chance of getting oral cancers of the esophagus, pharynx, or larynx. This habit also contributes to tooth discoloration and bad breath.

Arrange a consultation

For optimal dental health, make sure that your personal dental plan includes all of the aforementioned elements. Also, regular dental office visits will allow your dentist to apprehend any potential problems. To arrange your next dental cleaning, call Agnini Family dental today. You can reach our office at (863) 682-1500. We look forward to hearing from you!

Terrible Foods for your Teeth

Comprehensive Dentistry Lakeland, FLAll good things take effort, including a healthy white smile. In addition to your daily dental routine of flossing, brushing, and rinsing, it’s important to avoid specific foods that pose a threat to your dental health. If you regularly consume any of the following foods, it may be time to reconsider your eating habits for the sake of your teeth!

Sour candies

Of course candy is terrible for your mouth, but sour candies are some of the absolute worst. Sour candy includes specific acids that are even tougher on your teeth. Also, these chewy sour candies will remain on the teeth for a longer period of time. This can result in greater tooth decay. If you do decide to eat these particular kinds of candies, make sure to brush and floss soon after so you can get rid of any sticky build up and acid.


Who would’ve thought that bread can be bad for your teeth? Well, it is and here’s why: when you chew bread, it breaks down into a pasty substance that can get lodged between your teeth and cause cavities. Those spaces between your teeth can also be unreachable by your toothbrush. The solution? Floss and brush after you eat!


No surprise here. It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol isn’t a particularly healthy habit—in part because it will dry out your mouth. A dry mouth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Without sufficient saliva, food particles can’t be washed away from your teeth. Overtime, cavities, oral infections, and gum disease can form.

Potato chips

That delightfully salty and crunchy sensation in your mouth isn’t doing you any favors. Potato chips rank pretty high in the world of starch. Starch forms into sugar as it breaks down and can get stuck between the crevices of the teeth. The sugar will then act as food for the bacteria in plaque to grow.

Arrange a consultation

As you’ve noticed, the solution to most of these “terrible for your teeth” foods (other than avoiding them altogether) is to floss and brush right after eating them. To help stave off cavities, schedule your next dental cleaning today by calling Agnini Family Dental at (863) 682-1500.

Dental Care Advice for a Healthy Halloween

Comprehensive Dentistry services Lakeland, FLOctober marks the beginning of the sweet treat triad of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This month, kick the season off right with a healthy Halloween. Here are some practical tips for how to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Be picky about the candy you eat

Candies that stay in the mouth for an extended period, like suckers, should be avoided. The amount of time a sugary sweet is in your mouth contributes to tooth decay.

  • Say no to sticky sweets

Sticky candy like taffy or gummy candies will stick to your teeth and take longer to wash away. The remnants will enhance your risk of tooth decay.

  • Eat healthy

If you are eating a diet rich in whole foods, fiber, and protein you will feel more satiated and less hungry. This is particularly important during Halloween when there’s candy at every corner vying for your attention. If you are eating the right vitamins and nutrients, your body is less likely to crave sweets and candies that only provide empty calories. Consider partnering with a friend this season to help each other stay on track and eat the right foods. If you are eating right most of the time, don’t completely ban yourself from sweets and candies. Let your self-take the occasional splurge and enjoy it.  As you eat less sugar overtime, you may find your desire to eat it lessens considerably.

  • Make a plan

If you are the type to collect candy throughout October leading up to Halloween, consider only keeping your absolute favorites. Donate or give away the rest. Some communities have local organizations that gift candy to troops overseas.

  • Drink water

Drinking more water, particularly fluoridated water, will help shield your mouth against tooth decay.

  • Keep a daily dental regimen

Brushing twice a day, followed by flossing and rinsing will do wonders to maintain a healthy smile. Opt for a soft-bristled toothbrush and consciously clean all surfaces of your teeth for a total of 2 minutes.

Visit your dentist

One of the best ways to guard against tooth decay this Halloween is to make sure you see your dentist twice a year for a dental cleaning. Call Agnini Family Dental to schedule your appointment today. You can reach our North Lakeland office at 863-682-1500. We wish you a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

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